Welcome to our Ministry

This is a Homeless Shelter, a Rehabilitation Center, a Church and more. our Primary focus is to bring the men of Saint Louis into a new life of recovery and reconcile them back to their families.

We Cater too

Brought to you by Bishop Jerome Bracely, Pastor Doris Bracely, 5 Star Chef Willie Payne and the Stepping Into The Light Crew. We take great pride in our services and as a servant of God we want you to know that we can bring it like it’s never been brought before. Call us today and let us know what you would like us to do for you and yours. We do any events such as meetings, weddings, picnics, funerals and whatever you can imagine.
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Our Bishop & Pastor

  • Bishop Bracely

    Bishop Jerome Bracely

    Bishop, Executive Director and a father to the clients here at Stepping Into The Light.

  • Pastor Bracely

    Pastor Doris Bracely

    Pastor, Assistant Executive Director and a mother to the clients here at SILM.

Who we are as a Rehab and Shelter

Stepping Into The Light, Inc. was founded on September 16th, 1994 to meet the needs of the growing number of men suffering from substance abuse. Jerome Bracely, our founder and Executive Director, has led the organization through a period of sustained growth. The organization started out doing in-patient prevention work with one endorsement and small contributions and in its fourth year won a state grant to begin renovations.

  • A Ministry

    Ministering the Word of GOD and guiding into a better light. Showing that there is light at the end of the tunnel and giving a new perspective on life.

  • A Homeless Shelter

    Cleaning up the streets takes more than complaining. It takes people to do something about it. We are here for just that reason and encourage help in providing shelter.

  • A Rehabilitation Center

    Showing that there is a better way of living then to hide from it. We have been there and know what it is like to be in such a place. We will help to deliver you from this.

Where we're located

Contact Us

Intake Office:   314-231-5175

Administration Office:   314-241-5562

Administration Fax:   314-241-5563